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When it comes to children’s health, we try to choose the most nutritious foods, the best sports activities, and the best schools for our little ones. Choosing the right doctor is another extremely important decision we make for our children’s health and future well-being.

Choosing a doctor specialized and trained in pediatric and adolescent medicine such as the providers and pediatricians at Park Pediatrics is important. Our pediatricians specialize in the health of newborns, children, and adolescents and follow the guidelines set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Our pediatricians have special training during residency to focus on evidence based medicine to help ensure the best care is being provided to their patients. Family practice providers focus on children and adults and while there are excellent family practice providers; they may not be as well versed in the latest or best care specifically for children.

Pediatricians at Park Pediatrics are also very connected to pediatric specialists and pediatricurgent care/emergency medicine professionals. For additional care beyond the scope of what can be provided at their outpatient offices in Gaithersburg, Greenbelt and Takoma Park MD; the providers at Park Pediatrics know who and where the best pediatric specialists in the area are. They have a special relationship with pediatric mental health physicians and nutritionists and can easily refer patients who may need specialty care in these and other areas.

Pediatricians at Park Pediatrics emphasize the care of the whole child in a holistic manner at every visit. There is an emphasis on emotional, developmental, physical, and mental well- being as well as home and school performance at well child check-ups. Additionally, adolescents starting at age 13 are seen by the providers for a portion of the visit alone, without a parent. This is in keeping with the American Academy of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine guidelines. Teens are going through a special stage of development and having a good relationship with their doctors and their medical home at Park Pediatrics is something we feel is very important for future health as an adult.

We keep our waiting rooms and exam rooms to be child friendly spaces. We have informative videos on children’s health running in the waiting room. Children also receive an age appropriate Reach Out and Read book at each of their well child check-ups until the age of five. We also regularly post informative articles on children’s health on our facebook page and keep families updated on our website as well.

We hope you choose a board certified pediatric specialist from Park Pediatrics for your children!

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