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Information For Expecting Parents

Choosing Park Pediatrics

If you would like us to be your pediatrician, please notify the registration desk at the hospital of birth at the time of arrival for delivery. One of our doctors can visit your newborn within 24 hours of birth at the following hospitals: Holy Cross Silver Spring, Holy Cross Germantown, Shady Grove Adventist, Washington Adventist. If a hospitalist sees your newborn, simply call our office so you can set up an appointment for 1-2 days after hospital discharge.
Please notify your insurance company that Park Pediatrics will be your child’s primary care provider. If your child will be on Medicaid, please follow these instructions:

Park Pediatrics Site Visit

Come visit our office! We will give you a tour and answer any questions you may have about your soon-to-be-born baby. We will also review how to take care of your baby once you leave the hospital, feedings, vaccine schedule, and office hours. We follow best practices based on the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines, recently ranked #3 out of 103 practices in MD for quality and access, and we have a caring and multilingual staff. Please call our office to schedule your site visit!


Arrival to the Labor unit

Consent Forms

Once you arrive to the labor unit you will be asked to read and sign the following consent forms:

  1. Admission and treatment
  2. Vaginal and/or cesarean delivery (although most women are expected to deliver vaginally,sometimes the medical conditions of the mother or baby require a cesarean delivery).
  3. Blood transfusion (in the unlikely event that it becomes necessary).
  4. HIV testing (as required by Maryland law)
  5. HIPPA- Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (privacy law)


As soon as your baby’s head is delivered, his or her nose will be suctioned. Once your baby’s body is fully delivered and appears healthy, he or she will be dried and warmed then laid at your breast. Healthy infants are encouraged to have skin-to-skin contact as long as possible, preferably until the first feeding is accomplished (Vitamin K, erythromycin, weighing and measuring the baby can be delayed for 1 hour to allow this important mother-child interaction). The baby’s foot-prints will be imprinted onto paper, matching identification bands will be placed on mother, baby, and significant other.

Immediate Recovery

(Within the first two hours after delivery)

  • Your baby will be weighed, measured, and bathed.
  • Your baby will be given a Vitamin K shot to aid in blood clotting, and an antibiotic eye ointment to prevent eye infection.
  • You will be encouraged to breastfeed your baby as soon as possible after delivery. (Babies are generally the most alert and ready to feed in the first 1 to 2 hours after birth). Your nurse will assist you with positioning and feeding.
  • Be sure to wait for a nurse or nurse assistant to help you out of bed the first time or two. You will be encouraged to walk in your room as soon as your condition allows. Your nurse will let you know when your condition allows you to get out of bed without nurse assistance.

Postpartum Recovery

(2 hours or more after delivery)

Once you are past the immediate recovery period of 1 to 2 hours, your condition may not require such frequent monitoring by the nurses. You will be transferred to the Mother/Baby Unit for the rest of your hospital stay.
The staff is available when called to assist you and teach you all you need to know about mother and baby care. This is the time to learn all you can about what you need to know to care for yourself and baby at home.
Take advantage of all the available reading materials and one-on-one instruction from the staff, especially lactation consultants!

Consent Forms

You will be asked to sign the following consent forms after the birth of your baby:
Hepatitis B vaccine for your baby

  • Circumcision (optional- if you plan this choice for your baby boy)
  • It is a good idea to discuss circumcision and vaccinations with us during your pregnancy. If you make the decision before you enter the hospital, you will feel less pressured for time to make your decision before you go home.

Routine Baby Care

The nursing staff is available to provide hands-on assistance to help you learn basic baby care before you go home. You will be given written instruction to take home as a reference. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn while there are staff members available to answer questions, especially from the lactation consultant.Your baby’s crib will be stocked with all the basic diapering and daily care supplies you need.The baby’s nurse will be monitoring baby’s health and vital signs periodically:

  • Your baby will receive a blood test called “Newborn Metabolic Screen” which is required by law.
  • Circumcision, if chosen for your baby boy, is usually done before discharge home, but sometimes depends on insurance and doctor preference.
  • A newborn hearing screen will be performed on your baby as required by Maryland law
  • The first Hepatitis B vaccine will be given before your baby goes home.
    You will be asked to follow-up with a pediatrician within 48 hours of being discharged from the hospital.

Traveling abroad?

Check out our travel medicine clinic

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Flu vaccine and Covid vaccines available for 6 months and older. Please call our office to schedule an appointment for vaccination.